i’m a 28-almost-29-almost-30 year old woman-child trying to sort everything in life out before the 30s hit. i know, silly deadline, and i know, unrealistic goal, and i know, i know, i know, it’s the journey not the achievements. but i’m a dreamer, and a doer, and a type a personality, so i make life difficult for myself. and i’m also honest. so i’ll be honest with you; please be honest with me.

born in the silicon valley and based in san francisco, i spend half my life working at apple, a quarter of my life commuting to apple, and the last (but definitely not least) quarter of my joyfully and rambunctiously: catching live music, dressing up or in costume, smothering my admiral-cat, laughing, exploring, dancing, drinking black coffee, drinking red wine, drinking white wine, drinking ipas, ok just drinking in general, savoring poetry, petting strangers’ dogs, waving at strangers’ babies, creeping on strangers apparently, reading all the things, walking through all the museums, seeing all the shows, discussing apocalyptic scenarios with anyone who has a wild and crazy imagination, shopping, swimming, networking, rubbing people the wrong way, but mainly rubbing people the right way and surrounding myself with an absolutely amazing tribe.

if it sounds like i’ve got a lot going on, i do. this website is where i’m going to document my struggle to live intentionally. i want to cut out all the noise and clutter. i want to clear space for the thoughts, people, objects, and activities that matter most.