hungryroot review time. (tl;dr eh, good enough.)

my last post led to some lively chatter on facebook. (who knew y’all were such foodies!) sticking with that focus, here’s a review of my trial week of hungryroot vegan food delivery.

i spent $35 for a week’s worth of snacks and meals. (this is half off the regular price. if you’re interested in trying it out, i can hook you up with a promo code.)

since i feel like i’m going to do a few of these (i just signed up to try graze) i decided to come up with a score card:

order placement and fulfillment – 3/5

super easy to subscribe and specify the meals i wanted. nothing i wanted was out of stock. this all being said, when i received my order, there were a few items missing.

delivery – 5/5

on time and delivered as expected.

packaging – 4/5

visually pleasing, recycled packaging! 3 ice packs and recycled cotton insulation kept everything cold until i came home at 8pm. only con was two of the dishes were a bit on the oily side and this caused the packaging to leak.

size of portions – 3/5

once i unpacked everything, i was a bit surprised. the portions were smaller than i would have expected, especially given the fact that i signed up for a week for two people, and i was planning to just eat everything by myself. (oink oink.)

variety of meals – 3.5/5

i didn’t realize that some of the meals i chose were actually two separate, smaller items combined. for example, a succotash was a combo of a quinoa dish and a salad. so the ingredients weren’t as varied as i initially thought.

freshness of ingredients – 4/5

excluding the items that were compromised by bad packaging, the ingredients seemed fresh.

ease of preparation – 4.5/5

the most i ever had to do was microwave, mix, bake, or boil water. basically, given my culinary level – perfect!

tastiness – 4/5

the food was tasty, if a bit over-seasoned. i would have loved if the overnight oats came in a banana optional flavor, if the dressing was on the side for the salads, and if the brussels came whole, not sliced. also, the avocado crema threw me off with how sour/vinegary/salty it was.

customer service – 5/5

when i contacted customer service about the damaged and missing items, they credited me back for the week without any fuss. i would have been happy if they had just sent me a mini-order of replacements.

would i recommend? – 4/5

overall, i think this might be one of the most cost effective, plant-based, ready-to-eat meal delivery subscriptions. i’m excited to explore other options and see whether i stand by this in the future. as the first review, i’m sure i’m either being too hard or too easy on them.

total score – 40/50 – 80%

here is what i got (and whether i’d reorder or pass):

roasted corn edamame salad – fairly delicious and filling. reorder.

italian herb chickpea medley – this was the dish that leaked everywhere. i also found it to be a bit over-seasoned. pass.

red pepper edamame succotash – i guess this was supposed to be the red pepper quinoa bowl and the second roasted edamame salad mixed together, but i ate the two parts separately because i don’t follow directions – whoops! the quinoa bowl was quite good. reorder.

crispy sprouts brussels bake – i was missing the cashew cheddar, so i just baked the brussels (disappointingly, not whole sprouts) and ate them and the cucumber corn bean salad separately. the salad was ok, if a bit mushy and there are onions – beware! pass.

banana bread overnight oats – delicious, but a bit too sweet, and i would have loved if the banana flavor was optional. reorder.

diy simply seasoned carrot chips – easy peasy, and the grocery store sells these, so i’ll be sure to bake them again (at most likely a cheaper cost). pass.

lemon artichoke quinoa bowl – my favorite meal of the entire package, it was perfectly flavored, if a small portion size. reorder.

avocado chickpea noodle bowl – consisting of sweet potato ribbons, the italian herb chickpea medley, and avocado crema, i ate the chickpeas separately, put the avocado crema on crackers… and now i’ve got to figure out what to do with the sweet potato ribbons. pass.

if you were thinking of trying hungryroot, hopefully you find this helpful! again, i have a promo code if you want to judge for yourself. if you order the chickpea cookie dough, make sure to save me a bite, as this was another item i ordered but did not receive.

going into february and i’m still eating healthy!


intentionally shawna

p.s. i started analyzing my spending habits. at a glance, my food and drinks spending was way out of control in 2017. i’m so interested to see how this compares to 2018!