where to begin.

as i mentioned in my first post, this space was created to document my journey (read: keep me honest) as i attempt to live intentionally.

that’s a pretty big, not to mention pretty immeasurable, undertaking.

where to begin – and how? it’s helpful to have a strategy, but how much planning is too much planning? knowing myself, this always seems to be my first challenge – not to procrastinate under the guise of preparation.

so, to avoid falling into analysis paralysis, i started right away.

and, to avoid psyching myself out, i started small.

i identified the first two themes i want to tackle: food and fashion. and i identified my first two goals for each.

for food:

  • to eat what is right, not what is convenient
  • to eat when i am hungry, not out of boredom

(translation: fine, mom!! i’ll stop spending all my money on postmates and empty calories.)

for fashion:

  • to purchase with intent, not with impulse
  • to wear with joy, eliminating anything that is “less than”

(translation: gurlll, stop shopping when you have plenty and get rid of that dress from high school already. it doesn’t fit half of your left ass cheek.)

and little by little, i’ve started to pay attention.

what is an area of your life that could use some more attention and intent? what is a small goal you can set for yourself this week?

how do you think we’ll do?

stay tuned.


intentionally shawna

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