fail, fail, fail again.

a little over a month into this experiment, and it seems like a good time to list some of my failures in intentional living thus far.

i know, i know, there’s no such thing as failing. there are challenges, steps forward, and setbacks.

well. that’s what i tell myself. and that’s what i’ll let you tell me, too!

but there’s the exorbitant (we’re talking double digits) number of drinks i had at 80’s prom last weekend, even though overall i’ve been seriously cutting back on booze. there’s that order i placed for more than a few pairs of shoes (ok, more than a handful) when i succumbed to one of those “additional percent off” post-holidays sales, even though i’ve been so much more careful with my spending in the new year. there’s the standing weekly plan to watch the bachelor, when i could be investing my brain cells in something so much more worthy. there’s the fact that although i have managed to exercise at least once a week, it’s usually been the sneaky byproduct of some sort of party-associated good time (biking – to a vineyard to wine taste, doing yoga – at a brewery with a free tasting included, walking close to 10,000 steps – down ventura blvd to find the perfect 80s outfits), not intentionally for my health, although if you know me, any exercise is next to miraculous.

i’m trying to remind myself that this is a process. there’s a period of adjustment. it’s rare to quit cold turkey without falling back into old habits. be gentle with myself. affirmations. every positive step is a step in the right direction. every negative step has a silver lining in the form of a learning experience and opportunity for reflection.

i’m constantly trying to pay attention to areas i’m conquering (eating habits are totally better in the last month!) and areas i can improve (the new budget i’m creating will be a great step in the right direction).

in the meantime, though… i’ll be enjoying my new shoes and doing a liver detox.


intentionally shawna

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