approaching social events intentionally.

everyone who knows me, knows i love my social life.

so, reorganizing my calendar has totally become a thing in the new year as i’ve worked on approaching life with intention.

there are a few different factors i’ve started to ask myself when taking events into consideration:

how much am i spending? (does attending this make sense financially? should i have to spend money every time i want to see this group of friends? is this a shallow friendship?)

who am i surrounding myself with? (do i even like these people? did this event yield valuable connections? could i have been a better version of myself in the presence of someone else?)

how am i investing my time and energy? (what is the opportunity cost to be at this event? am i expending energy in a healthy way, like in an exercise class outdoors, or am i finding my energy cramped in dark bar corners?)

am i learning anything new? (am i seeing a new play, am i listening to music from a new band, am i visiting a new art gallery, am i trying a new type of wine? am i learning about new tech, am i speaking different languages, am i trying a new hobby?)

how do i feel at the end of the event? (did these people or this event lift me up? was it worth it to go? haha and often – did i really need to drink that much???)

i’ve found that with this thought process, i’m starting to say no to certain events, locations, and people rather easily. i’m therefore clearing space and time to be more receptive to new experiences, places, and connections that i actively and intentionally want to pursue moving forward.

i’m also drinking less, shopping less – actually, spending less in general – while reading more, cooking more, sleeping more, and overall, maintaining the same level of deep connection with most of my existing relationships. would you look at that!

so if you think i’ve dropped off the planet – maybe i’ve just dropped off of yours. 🙂

what does that mean, i wonder…


intentionally shawna

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